World Diplomacy Forum & Award 2022

Deadline:  25 September, 2022


Applications are now open for “World Diplomacy Forum and Award 2022” which will be held in New Delhi, Indiaon 08th to 11th December2022.  On the occasion of that forum  World Diplomacy Forum  will go to reward “The Ambassador Award 2022”, “The Consular Award 2022”, “The Diplomat Award 2022” and “The Leader Award 2022” to those who contributes, acknowledges and celebrates outstanding contribution in the sector of G2G diplomacy and  innovations, soft diplomacy, public diplomacy, regional integrations and diplomacy, corporate diplomacy, youth to youth diplomacy, parliamentary diplomacy, governance diplomacy, environmental diplomacy and educational diplomacy.

World Diplomacy Forum-WDF is an organization that is centered on dialogue facilitation and exchange of ideas and knowledge on the global scale. WDF is dedicated to building bridges for understanding and global cooperation. Diplomacy remains the core method of interaction and dialogue among states and stakeholders in the leadership position. Our focus is to assimilate diverse voices within our dialogue forums to create sustainable solutions to the most pertinent global issues-current and emerging. The first edition “World Diplomacy Forum and Award 2022”  will be launched as an annual gathering of ambassadors, senior diplomats, young professionals, policy makers, social innovators and academics in New Delhi, India on 08th & 11th December, 2022. World Diplomacy Forum aims at providing an effective channel of dialogue amongst international stakeholders from around the world. WDF platforms will act as an instrument to nurture sustainable cooperation between state apparatuses, policy makers, leaders, media, non-governmental bodies, private sector and academic institutions.


The overall objective of the “World Diplomacy Forum and Award 2022” is to invite and rewards ambassadors representing various nations, young diplomats, policy makers, innovators, peacemakers, youth activists and civil society pioneers to share their experiences and knowledge on pertinent global diplomatic issues. However, the specific objectives of the forum are as follows:

  1. To encourage  the best practices through mutual learning on ideas and initiatives of advocacy tools to achieve sustainable development goals from the diplomatic perspective and motivate diplomats to lobby them in their own respective governments for peace and harmony.
  2. To share and explore the different ideas of Track Two Diplomacy, where they play an advisory and productive role in the field of global policies.
  3. To Reward ambassadors by enhancing and promoting the principle of joint advocacy and action to achieve sustainable peace through diplomatic dialogue.
  4. To share and explore the different ideas of peace and democracy.
  5. Accelerate the mutual learning in the field of diplomacy through development and application of new and innovative methods discovering common grounds in the diplomatic relations.
  6. Participants of Asia Pacific Diplomacy Forum will get global visibility as an additional feature through networking opportunities before, during and after the forum.
  7. Asia Pacific Diplomacy Forum will provide a key platform for the development of researchers in the field of diplomacy and international relations with diversified knowledge and experiences, enhancing the quality decision making of policymakers and promoting the highest utilization of research knowledge.
  8. Amplify the synergies between the embassies and civil society organizations. 
  9. Asia Pacific Diplomacy Forum aims to strengthen the links between academia and diplomatic missions in identifying strategies integrated responses on pressing global issues.

Thematic Session:

  1. Role of Ambassadors on Bilateral Relations
  2. Youth and Diplomats are the Bridge Between Nations
  3. Cultural Diplomacy for Peace
  4. Corporate Diplomacy
  5. Track II Diplomacy
  6. G2G Diplomacy


  1. The nominee must be a confirmed delegate of “WorldDiplomacy Forum and Award 2022.
  2. World Diplomacy Forum wants to highly encourage those who have ideas for new projects and initiatives in addition to those who are already leading them.
  3. The most important criteria are interesting in the facilitation of debate and development of resolutions on the best way forward to make peaceful relations and a commitment to act.
  4. The nominee must have a strong commitment and determination to work with World Diplomacy Forum in the future.


The Ambassador Award

The Ambassador Award is recognized to the outstanding ambassadors (government representative) for their extraordinary leadership, professionalism, promotion of friendly relations among different nations. The awardees are selected for their tireless effort in initiating and facilitating of strategic agreements in order to effectively promote international cooperation among nations. 

The Consular Award

The Consular (government representative) Award recognizes the outstanding work and achievements of diplomatic community, who are trying to better their nations’ well-being. Awardees are selected also for their passion and drive to further the cause of international cooperation. 

The Diplomat Award

The Diplomat Award is recognition of hard work and technique

In the world of diplomacy and international relations. It’s also about people and professionalism. 

Awardees are selected from a broad range of fields, including the arts, culture, government service, science, media, business, and education inside the diplomatic circles. 

The Leader Award

The Leader Award is a global recognition for the noble work. Hence, the award consists of Maiden, Trophy as well as a certificate. This award is a token of appreciation for the selfless dedication of individuals in making a positive change in their communities. It is our way of expressing THANK YOU for the great deeds.

Selection Criteria:

An autonomous selection committee formed by World Diplomacy Forum decides the awardees based upon the application and by also conducting its own external research and recommendations.
The award committee decision is taken as the final decision for the selection.

$450 USD includes:

  1. The participation fee covers registration,
  2. Accommodation and food during the forum,
  3. Pick up and drop from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, India,
  4. Stationary and other educational materials including some publications,
  5. Half Day New Delhi City Tour.

Please note that your application fee will not cover your flight to New Delhi and back.  Your application fee will not cover your visa fee, insurance, or any other incidental expenses.

An international applicant is responsible for obtaining their own visa to travel to New Delhi. Contact the nearest Indian Embassy or Consulate to find out how. Acceptance to the “World Diplomacy Forum and Award 2022” does not guarantee the issuance of a visa or admission into New Delhi, India. Admission into India is contingent on Indian Immigration Authorities’ discretion at the point-of-entry.

Registration Fee:

$ 450 USD

Registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.